This header is a pastel painting I did in 2009 is of a place in the Netherlands, my country of origin, after a photo shot by Dick Witte.

Some of the painters who have influenced me:
Mondriaan, Hopper
O"Keefe, Weyeth
Singer Sargent
van Gogh, Rembrandt
Picasso, Escher

Since this is my second blog page, it generally takes me longer (sometimes very long) to reply to your comments, but I do read and love them!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The phenomena described in Acts 2 was always very intriguing to me. 
Always wondered what it would look like to see
a sea of red fiery tongues above people's heads. Never knew 
how to paint it till one day. 
Suddenly I "got" it that it was the dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit) 
descending on people should be center stage, 
and that the visible phenomena were a" by product."

 ACTS TWO. 24 x 30 Oil, StGermain

Here the Dove is not a sign of peace
or a sign of new life (Noah)
here, the dove is a sign of fiery consuming power
So enjoyed painting the broad strokes,
the warmth of burnt sienna
lighting up van Dyke Brown and
Payne Grey
the White in motion
a force to reckon with!



Anonymous said...

it is always a pleasure to visit your blog and admiring all these beautiful creations !
I particulary like this painting, color and intensity of movement seduce me ! :))

Anonymous said...

I love color palette is perfect!:)

Whitemist said...

This is beautiful! And very impressive, I know why you do not want to part with it, it tells a wonderful story and conveys much meaning!

Clytie said...

I think I agree with Whitemist - it is very impressive. It hit me with full blown emotion, and I can honestly say I don't usually have that reaction.

knittingdragonflies said...

Oh this gives me goose bumps! I love the energy and rawness of it!

Paul C said...

What a wonderful allusion and rendition in your painting.

jeannette said...

Thank you! For me an abstract is not done when there's no movement:)

MTO Photo
Thank you -usually I like to stay with a 2 or 3 color palette!

Thank you, Friend! The significance and meaning is easier to keep private with an abstract than with representational art.

You have a sensitiveness that makes it easy to relate to these kind of paintings:)

Happy that it touches you (maybe in a way you are not used to with art? Yes, raw -that's what it is for me!

If it's overpowering, it will more likely to be received when it's in a pleasant way:)

Leovi said...

Your abstracts are wonderful, I envy you. If I tried to abstract painting but had no expertise, I left what I wanted, I dominated the paint to me. So I continued with the photos, the light does not stain. A greeting.

Mark Kreider said...

I like your work very much, all of it. You seem to be able to easily swing from one medium to another. It's interesting how you can convey the soul of a subject, place or whatever you're focusing on with very few strokes at times. The paintings that reference the bible are warming. You possess a wonderful talent!

Ollie said...

very nice. not normaly a fan of abstract but this is so strong and bold in colors.

Ruth said...

The painting in these last two posts are active and very full of life!

jeannette said...

So true: light does not stain! I like the way you said that:)
Don't evny me, friend:) Photography is an art as well!

Swinging from one medium to the next is fueled by my never ending search to say things in a new way!
Thank you for all the compliments!

You make my day, being able to build a bridge between the ones who like the representational and the ones who like the abstract!

Thank you for visiting me! My brush strokes are the word with which to tell the story.

Betsy Grant said...

It's good to see your work again! Wonderful!

Evelyn said...

Hi Jeannette
This piece has so much energy. I like it.

jeannette said...

As always, you are so encouraging! Thank you:)

Thinking about what kind of photos you take for your blog, it makes sense that you like abstract art! Thank you!

Diane AZ said...

I love the colors and energy in this creative illustration!

Benikos place said...

Dear Janette please see also this link, you will like it. best regards

zeder said...

Dear Jeannette,
a wonderful work. Be blessed,
Regards from Berlin,

jeannette said...

Thank you, friend! Yeah, it's pretty obvious from the brush strokes that this story really inspired me!

Thank you for visitng, and hope to see you here more often:) Have a great weekend!

Thank you! I read your reference to Joanah today, and one of these days I'll show the painting I made about him:)

Doowmée said...

Hi Jill, it does not matter if you do not answer me on ... It is more difficult to maintain a blog in a language not his own. Me neither I do not write often for this reason, it takes much more time lol
I love what you do, it's beautiful
Here it rains rains rains

Randy said...

What a beautiful painting. Love colors are wonderful. Enjoy your day.

bicocacolors said...

you're so talented!
thank you for showing your art!
I like a lot!!!

dutchbaby said...

It took me a while to realize that the Acts Two you referenced was that of the New Testament. Initially I thought you were referring to a Broadway play :)

Now that I know what you are referencing, I find your painting powerful. Filled with passion. Well done!

jeannette said...

Your new profile picture is very nice! Yes, after all the years in this country it still takes me extra time to respond to comments! So do not feel bad:) Hope the rain has stopped in France!

Thank you! And thank you for linking at your blog to Vogel (artist) - a noteworthy artist!
Have a great week!

I can give you the same compliment! I love what you do with rounded forms (what you posted on your blog) as well as with the color white!

Smile:) about the title - I like to keep my readers/viewers guessing:) Glad you picked up on it: if faith is not filled with passion it's not worth following!