This header is a pastel painting I did in 2009 is of a place in the Netherlands, my country of origin, after a photo shot by Dick Witte.

Some of the painters who have influenced me:
Mondriaan, Hopper
O"Keefe, Weyeth
Singer Sargent
van Gogh, Rembrandt
Picasso, Escher

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

WHITE IS THE SUM OF ALL COLORS (no first of April joke!)

 Since in 2006 I was on a stint on painting flowers which  started a few weeks before Easter, it occurred to me that I had never painted flowers for Easter, while I often did buy them for that holiday. That year a lot of them were blooming by the back entrance of our office, and was very taken by their beauty.
Of all the flowers that I painted, the white ones seem to be the 

-most challenging, because the heart of the flower is darker, 
not lighter than the petals
- another challenge is the background
- since white is the sum of all colors,  reflections of colors 
of surroundings are seen in the white
- careful that  flower does not look like a "cut-out"
- white is a symbol of resurrection 
- a hope so pure, nothing can surpass it

© Calle Lillies, 24 x 30 Oil, St Germain

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Am away for Easter weekend, so I scheduled this post, and am looking forward to your comments when I get back. Have a great Easter all of you, my friends!