This header is a pastel painting I did in 2009 is of a place in the Netherlands, my country of origin, after a photo shot by Dick Witte.

Some of the painters who have influenced me:
Mondriaan, Hopper
O"Keefe, Weyeth
Singer Sargent
van Gogh, Rembrandt
Picasso, Escher

Since this is my second blog page, it generally takes me longer (sometimes very long) to reply to your comments, but I do read and love them!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Genesis 24 x 30, Oil, St Germain

My first abstract painting
actually was meant to be a background
for a collage of leaves,
but everyone told me,
"It's not a background, it's a painting!"
Even my dear hubby, who does not 
comprehend abstract, saw all kinds of things in it!
So, I called it Genesis, for this one proved to be
the beginning of a whole new way for me
of working in oil.


dutchbaby said...

One of the hardest things about creating art is knowing when to stop. You are lucky that you had great advisors surrounding you.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

very nice- sometime when I do art it turns out very different than I first intended and I end up liking it better- a little bit of serendipity- this may be a great start for you like you said a genesis to new art- I like
Johnina :^A

Diane AZ said...

How funny that your Genesis painting originally started out as a background. It's fascinating and I love the light and energy in it. :)

Rebecca said...

Yes, it has mystery as if someone or something is moving through it.

jeannette said...

Oh so true! Some of my friends have a strong opinion like I, but this time I thought that they may have "something" there...!

You are right, it WAS the beginning of a great series of abstracts:)

Thanks for pointing that out -I always thought of Genesis as beginning, but it's also Genesis as in beginning of creation/creating!

you "get" some of the symbols, because you have an artist eye:)

Karena said...

I love it and the color palette is perfect!! I am ready to break out into more freedom in my abstracts!

Art by Karena

jeannette said...

Thank you for visiting:) Like to see your abstracts -where do you have 'em on your blog?

John said...

Nice blog and wonderful paintings, I found you through "This is my blog - fishing guy." I especially love the paining you used for your header, and I think "the one that started it all" is mesmerizing to look at. By all mean keep painting!

jeannette said...

I will, I will! (keep painting) Thanks for visiting this blog, and thanks for reminding me of Sept. 11 - this year is flying by:)

A Lady's Life said...

I like it. Beginnings are always stormy and tough aren't they lol
It captures the mood perfectly.

jeannette said...

A Lady's Life,
Yes, agree with that - hey, thanks for looking at my art, Friend!

SouthernSass said...

I am so happy you stopped by my blog. Your paintings are FABULOUS! I will enjoy visiting here often. I think you have a very special gift!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I painted as a teen but stopped once I had a family. Now I substitute with writing and photography. We need our outlets and forms of expression. It is great that you have encouragement. Your work is good. Keep it up.

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I am going to follow.

Lynette said...

What a wonderful painting and I'm so glad you didn't paint those leaves over this. It's fluid and flowing and a beautiful abstract work!

Leovi said...

I love this composition. My favorite is the abstract language.


I like Genesis and would like to see more oil paintings
of backgrounds only!

jeannette said...

Soutern Sass,
Thank you, friend! Wish I had more time to work on this blog page, but then I would have to slow down on painting.

I did the same Judy, and have regretted the 20 years I didn't paint...what was I thinking! (Because I couldn't substitue it with anything)

Thank you, Lynette! Only an artist could say what you just did:)

Thank you! The abstract give the artist more freedom, doesn't it?

Your'e cute:) Am afraid that that was once in a life time thing, friend!

Whitemist said...

Amazing how new things get started!

jeannette said...

Well said!